• Back-Office Data and Management Solution

    Designed for Real Estate companies that value agent productivity.

What is not measured cannot be managed

Gain clarity on your real estate business and team performance with our effortless KPI dashboards and reports. 

Our mission is to protect your commission

This is why Zipi created the FREE Commission Validator. You'd be SHOCKED at how many commission checks and demands are WRONG! You worked hard for that commission and you deserve every penny. 

Click the button below to check your check or validate a recent commission demand. 60 seconds could save you THOUSANDS $$$.

Flexible Alternative to CTE Spreadsheets

Stop fighting with fiddly spreadsheets and complicated workarounds. 

Custom dashboards and reports

With CTE, what you see is what you get. Zipi provides the freedom to customize your dashboards, deal boards and many different reports.  → Learn More

Calculate complex commission demands

CTE is limited in its capability to calculate complex commission splits with multiple team members. Zipi can do it without breaking a sweat. → Learn More

Secured collaboration

Unlike CTE, Zipi allows you full control over user access, giving you the freedom to collaborate with team members and external professionals like accountants and business coaches.  → Learn More

Save time with our powerful integration

Switching between formats and applications can be time consuming and create unnecessary opportunities for frustrating errors and data corruption.  → Learn More