• Mission

    Optimize performance through strategic insights.


    Provide solutions that enable people and businesses to achieve desired outcomes through simplicity.


    Reliable, Client-Centric, Team Work, Integrity, Fun.

What we believe

 In 2017, Zipi was founded on the idea that spreadsheets, data entry and routine reporting should not be a barrier to achieving your business goals. Instead, we believe information should provide you with practical, timely and effortless insights. The insights you need to understand your business, manage teams and focus efforts to where the rewards are highest.

We've been there

As agents and brokers, we understand the frustrations of tracking and collating data across multiple, inflexible channels like spreadsheets and software that doesn’t play well with others. Because of this we focus on designing solutions that help you achieve your goals simply. That means developing tools that remove the friction, complexity and the time investment required by conventional reporting and business tracking processes, so that you can better focus on understanding how your actions drive your business’ success.

Our values

At Zipi, our business values are reliability, consistency, client-centrism, teamwork and fun. These values drive our business culture and how we do business. They are the guide-rails for our product development and how we work with both clients and team members.

“Data and insights are becoming more prevalent to real estate agents, teams and brokers. Those who embrace and understand how to use this information effectively will reap the benefits."

Jesse Garcia • CEO ZIPI

Save hours on reporting and business intelligence