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November 14, 2022

One of the things that we’ve realized over the years is that consistent pain points come up in the area of reporting and accounting. It takes effort and resources to set aside several days at the last week of the month to complete this task. Brokerages of all sizes have this one thing in common.


Zipi takes the stage and provides the most efficient solution to this problem. Accounting automation with native accounting and general ledger features so brokerages and self-supporting agents don’t need to worry about data entry, duplication, and reconciliation whenever monthly book closings come up.


Spreadsheets, lost files, multiple data sources and data handling can instantly become a nightmare when a cog falls in between the process. When cracks appear in the system, the numbers and the data you have is at risk of errors, which may become ultimately useless if a significant chunk becomes compromised. Brokers, big and small, absolutely hate recalculating and re-entering data only to result in a lack of confidence with the final numbers.


When brokerages apply the back-office accounting workflow from Zipi, they instantly eliminate spreadsheets, lost files, human error and multiple data dashboards.


In addition to that, integration with transaction partners allow brokerages and business owners to get real-time data so they improve productivity, reduce stress levels, and get back resources that can be refocused on listings, pitching, and closings.


Don’t just take our word for it. Book a demo now so we can show you the automation feature that gives you a better understanding of Zipi’s capabilities. 

Written by
Jack Crane

Jack has brought multiple cloud-based products to market and has concentrated in the real estate tech space for the past 20 years. One such relevant success was a product called Sync., a cloud-based project management application integrated with Procore’s Construction Management Platform.​

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