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November 11, 2022

As our partner in streamlining operations for real-estate brokerages all over the country, we’ve outlined the top features that you can add to your sales pitch while maintaining the key message that Zipi completes Dotloop.

Dotloop Bi-directional Syncing in all fields

The Bi-directional integrations is the bridge that links Dotloop and Zipi. For real-estate brokerages, this means that Dotloop users will be able to access their data via Zipi and vice-versa. Zipi and Dotloop exchange information back and forth in real-time. This eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, or entering the same information into two different systems. Dotloop and Zipi users enjoy this proprietary tech for free.

Automated Bookkeeping and Accounting

Another key selling point is the automated bookkeeping and accounting from Zipi. This instantly saves real-estate brokerages time, effort, and resources. Your Dotloop subscribers can free up man hours by reducing the effort of manual bookkeeping and translating the data into Zipi’s dashboard. Real-estate brokerages save crucial back-office management time and costs so they can focus on making more deals.

Agent Portal

In addition to making more deals and saving time, real-estate brokerages that sign with Dotloop and Zipi can make use of Agent Portals. These dedicated agent accounts within the Zipi platform provide users their own way to streamline their workflows. Brokerages can manage agents and teams via the back office system, while agents and teams can manage their own deals as well as view the reports for their commissions.

Dynamic Commission Schedule Management

When brokerages and agents close more deals, you can expect to payout commission frequently. Zipi’s agent workflow goes beyond the project management tracking and goes deep into commission structure that can be different for each deal. This means that real-estate brokerages can manage several types of commissions and cash disbursements without the element of human error.

Cross Company Insights

The big overview for Dotloop and Zipi is the availability of reports that help manage the business so your users can steer the ship towards more success and achievements. A major feature in the usage of Zipi with Dotloop enables the real-estate brokerage to get real-time data reports from both data sources. The key benefit to take away from this is that we’ve reduced the number of screens that needs to be viewed in the shortest processing time possible. So you can tell your Dotloop subscribers that they can get back to running their business, rather than letting their business run them.


Overall, the features of Zipi allow Dotloop users to have more power and control over their brokerage and business in every aspect that leads back to back-office management. If you have questions and clarifications, please reach out to our sales or marketing team for a quick exploratory call. 

Written by
Jack Crane

Jack has brought multiple cloud-based products to market and has concentrated in the real estate tech space for the past 20 years. One such relevant success was a product called Sync., a cloud-based project management application integrated with Procore’s Construction Management Platform.​

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