A friend of mine -- who is a real estate agent -- told me a story about an old boss of hers. She told me her boss didn’t care at all about key performance indices (KPIs), setting targets or implementing a strategic vision. All he cared about was increasing sales.
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A crucial, but often overlooked, aspect of running a real estate business is keeping an eye out for risks, and knowing what to do when things really go wrong.
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What is your team doing? If someone asked you what your team is producing this month, would you know? Do you know who is the strongest and who is the weakest agent in your team? Do you know by how much?
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“In a time of crisis we all have the potential to morph up to a new level and do things we never thought possible.” -Stuart Wilde
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When it comes to collecting data about your business, the big question is ‘why?’. Why is it important to collect data? Aren’t we in the business of selling houses?
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That’s quite a number isn’t it? Brokers are missing out on thousands and thousands of dollars every year. Not because anyone’s trying to take them for a ride.
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Real estate professionals all run a business -- even if you ‘officially’ work for a broker, it’s important that you behave and think like you’re running your own business.
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You may have heard of the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle, after the 19th century Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. It means 80% of result is achieved through 20% of effort.
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I bet you know as well as anybody that one of the best ways to improve your performance is to hire a coach. A coach will lift you to the next level more quickly -- and will create more clarity along the way.
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A lot of real estate businesses are booming at the moment. We see teams whose production has been growing every month for the past year, and they show no signs of stopping!
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Every business has a culture. It’s not something you choose to have or not. Culture always exists, regardless of how much effort you put into creating one. So what is a business culture?
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Production is a great metric to focus on. That’s where it all starts. But at the same time, if your profit isn’t up to par, there’s no point in increasing production.
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For any business, it’s absolutely crucial to have a clear vision, backed up with strong values that truly resonate with you. This will help you keep moving in the right direction at all times, even if you’re not exactly sure what to do next.
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Lead generation is the backbone of the marketing and sales strategy of any real estate business. Your business needs a steady flow of leads. That way, when you and your team sit down to make call or send out emails, you’ll actually know who to contact and don’t get stuck.
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It’s important to track your business vitals. If you don’t track, you don’t know when things aren’t going right -- except maybe by looking at your bank account at the end of every month.
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