A lot of real estate businesses are booming at the moment. We see teams whose production has been growing every month for the past year, and they show no signs of stopping!
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For any business, it’s absolutely crucial to have a clear vision, backed up with strong values that truly resonate with you. This will help you keep moving in the right direction at all times, even if you’re not exactly sure what to do next.
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It’s important to track your business vitals. If you don’t track, you don’t know when things aren’t going right -- except maybe by looking at your bank account at the end of every month.
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A KPI dashboard is one of the most important tools at your disposal. It gives you a snapshot of your performance that can be customized to your specific needs, allowing you to check the pulse of your company and visualize real-time progress.
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There is no “one size fits all” metric when it comes to gauging the health of your business. Tracking different aspects is the only way to get an overall picture of how well you’re doing. Read on for tips on making sure you are getting the clearest picture of your performance.
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Life in the twenty-first century means constant access to information of all types--from the world at large, your community, your health, all the way down to the nitty-gritty details of your business.
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Negotiation is an essential skill and tool for top producing real estate agents and brokers. But what is negotiation exactly?
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Looking to drive your business forward? Then you will need to set objectives for your company. In the world of real estate sales and productivity are key, but how do you measure progress? You can use KPIs.
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KPI dashboards are a great way for business owners, managers and employees to get a snapshot of company performance, indicating where improvements can be made. We’re all for continuous improvement, so let’s find out more.
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Peter Drucker is credited with saying, “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." Many are aware of the need for tracking metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), but it can be difficult to practically identify the most important benchmarks for your agency.
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Think about how much data is gathered in the services we use on a day to day basis. Every company in almost every industry is now recognizing the benefit and importance of collecting data and how it contributes to their growth. So, why not do the same in your real estate business?
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