6 things to look for in a real estate back office software system

Considering setting up or upgrading your real estate back office software system? There are so many options on the market, the journey of finding the right application for your office can be overwhelming.

But like searching for any other product, you will need selection criteria to filter your choice...

29 Dec 2019

SkySlope and Zipi Team Up to Give Brokers the Advantage

At an event today SkySlope and Zipi announced and demonstrated, SkyZip, an app that enables brokers to integrate and digitize their process without change.
21 Dec 2019

#RealEstateUnscripted - Episode 1 - Tyler Smith

On this session of #RealEstateUnscripted we talk to Tyler Smith. Tyler is the founder and CEO of SkySlope, the leading transaction management platform with a vision to keep brokers and agents connected to the customer forever.
23 Oct 2019

6 ways your brokerage can add more value to clients

Client expectations are increasing, and for many clients, their appreciation of the real estate professional's contribution is eroding. Having invested in communicating the benefits in working with their office, there are ways brokers can increase their value in the eyes of clients.
9 Sep 2019

How to create an amazing real estate office culture

Perhaps you’ve experienced this. There are some places that are just terrible to work where you can cut the tension with a knife, and others that feel invigorating, motivating yet comfortable. Why are they so different? Most would argue the culture.
22 Aug 2019

[Checklist] 10 ways to streamline your real estate office business

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20 Aug 2019

The brokers' guide to real estate commission structures

In this post, we will outline the fundamentals of agent commission structures of brokers so that you can understand and optimize your sales agent structures, motivating your team to higher levels of productivity - and a healthier bottom line.
8 Aug 2019

Best Real Estate Broker Organization Tools

Have you been engaged in inspiring activities that moved your business forward? If not, it’s likely that you’ve been spending too much time on organizational tasks. Luckily, there are tons of tools available nowadays to organize your work and free up time to do the things that really matter.
23 Jul 2019

How to manage money for your real estate business

As a real estate broker, your business success allows you enough money available and be able to pay bills but also to position your business to take advantage of market opportunities such as securing the best agents or expanding into additional territories.
21 Jul 2019

How to track real estate agent performance

Most brokers would agree that measuring agent performance is crucial to success - to help you make strategic decisions, you need to know how your agents are doing. But, what exactly should you be tracking when looking at performance?
27 Jun 2019