How to track real estate agent performance

Most brokers would agree that measuring agent performance is crucial to success - to help you make strategic decisions, you need to know how your agents are doing. But, what exactly should you be tracking when looking at performance?
27 Jun 2019

How to understand real estate commissions

Commission structures can be very complex, making it a less transparent part of your business. Often, brokers just don’t really know what’s going on. Here are three things you can do to gain a better understanding of real estate commissions.
26 Jun 2019

Why your commission structure sucks

Most commission structures aren’t necessarily bad. In fact, most of them worked very well for a while. But then the business grew...
10 Jun 2019

Why Zillow Will Destroy Your Agency

Many real estate brokers believe this to be true. They believe doom is upon them and there’s nothing they can do about it - but is this the reality?
28 May 2019

What does a Real Estate agent really do?

You might be surprised at how often I hear this question or better yet, when I hear someone’s vivid opinion of what they think a Real Estate agent does (or does not do).
21 Mar 2019