Approximately 80% of real estate agents fail in the first year. Even after that, the odds don’t improve much. Why? If there was one easy answer to this question, those failures could probably be prevented.
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There are two types of goals. Defined goals and undefined goals. What’s the difference? Undefined goals can lead you down the garden path and leave you feeling unsuccessful, having not made any realistic progress towards where you want to be. So what's the solution?
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Looking to drive your business forward? Then you will need to set objectives for your company. In the world of real estate sales and productivity are key, but how do you measure progress? You can use KPIs.
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“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar
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KPI dashboards are a great way for business owners, managers and employees to get a snapshot of company performance, indicating where improvements can be made. We’re all for continuous improvement, so let’s find out more.
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Motivation is not consistently present in our lives. There are days when things are difficult and you can’t seem to find your inner drive. On days like when you feel like you’ve lost your motivation, how do agents keep themselves going?
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Got your real estate license? Congratulations! However, having a license alone won’t guarantee success! So, let’s explore what comes next.
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It is hard to conceive that the use of game mechanics and rewards could have entered the real estate arena in a such a profound way. The question is, how can you use gamification to boost your real estate business?
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The general purpose of a leaderboard is to show a group of “players” how well they are doing. Often used in gamification systems, individuals are able to see who is in the lead, to compare scores, and in effect checking out their own “ranking.”
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With a commission based income, it is natural to watch where every penny goes. If you can do it yourself, why hire someone else when you can do it yourself for free?
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You may be surprised, but the small things in life and business add up in the same way. The sum of your small actions in your business, the habits, can form together over time to make a big difference.
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For many agents, maintaining an accurate pipeline is easily understood but not easily kept front of mind. Administration is often seen as an unnecessary distraction from profit-generating activities like cold calling and showings.
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Peter Drucker is credited with saying, “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." Many are aware of the need for tracking metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), but it can be difficult to practically identify the most important benchmarks for your agency.
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It can happen in small, harmless ways. Telling yourself you've been producing one morning when you haven't been. Sometimes in more serious ways, such as fudging the numbers. But messing with the numbers, even a little, hurts you far more than you might expect.
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Improving your overall sales performance an agent is a constant challenge. This why many attend sales training sessions, coaching, and seminars looking for the one or two key innovations to make an impact on their overall yearly commissions.
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