Lead generation is the backbone of the marketing and sales strategy of any real estate business. Your business needs a steady flow of leads. That way, when you and your team sit down to make call or send out emails, you’ll actually know who to contact and don’t get stuck.
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Marketing gives an important boost to your agent activity, creating opportunities for new listings and buyers. Calculating the ROI on your marketing is then crucial, as it can guide you on where your marketing efforts are most efficient and where they can be improved.
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For new agents, it is often difficult to acquire new business as they have not been able to establish themselves yet. Marketing your business is a great way to have potential clients find you and learn more about what you offer.
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Naturally, when agents are looking to develop new business, their first thoughts go towards creating new opportunities with potential clients who may be ready to buy or list right away. This can be a great way to find clients who are currently in the market.
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