DevOps Engineer


This person will support a variety of cloud workloads and will be instrumental in setting standards on key technologies. You will help drive both performance and cost efficiencies within Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Will deliver innovations around build pipelines, infrastructure automation, and performance. The position will also assist with internal IT infrastructure operations and user management.


  • 3+ years experience with Google Cloud Platform Serverless Orchestration on a commercial SaaS product.
  • Setup and Configuration of Cloud Monitoring & Logging
  • Developed & Managed CI/CD
  • Experience with database technologies (SQL, NoSQL, memory cache)
  • Experience managing file, block, and object storage architectures
  • Basic networking (routes, security groups, firewall rules)


  • Previous Experience with Stackdriver
  • Sentry as APM tool
  • Google Cloud Source Repos (CSR)
  • Google Cloud Functions, AppEngine, Datastore, Spanner.
  • Google Cloud Trace libraries used to setup distributed Tracing in PROD
  • Instrument code to enable Cloud Profiler, Cloud Tracing and Cloud Debugger G Suite Management Experience Javascript, Typescript, Node.js


  • Establish Proactive Monitoring and Alerting of Metrics. Use metrics to drive the scalability and health of infrastructure and applications.
  • Blackbox Monitoring - Monitor and provide notifications of user-visible attributes of the system, for example:
  • Service Uptime
  • Response Time (latency)
  • Error count/rate
  • Whitebox Monitoring - Monitor and provide notifications of internal attributes of the system, for example:
  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Instances utilized
  • Billing alerts
  • Define and expand beyond initial KPI baseline.
  • Realtime Dashboards & Automated Reporting
  • DevOps Automation
  • Deployment Monitoring, for example:
  • Frequency of Deployments
  • Track Failed Deployment
  • Automate recovery of failed deployments