Sync transaction and financial data between dotloop and Zipi

Sync your data between Zipi and dotloop to streamline business tracking and commission verification. This one of a kind integration helps Real Estate Agents dramatically increase operation efficiency and gain robust business insights.

What is Zipi?

Zipi is an intelligent business tracking, reporting and commission verification application that increases production and profit, while creating a results-based culture. This application is a simple solution for the solo real estate agent to a large real estate franchise. The integration partnership with dotloop makes Zipi a stronger, necessary tool for the real estate industry.

In a few simple steps, your dotloop and Zipi transactions are connected and synced.

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Benefits of connecting dotloop with Zipi

Zipi, a business insight automation company focused on discovering crucial data within a real estate business, compiles and interprets transaction and financial data, allowing business owners to implement meaningful insights and recommendations quickly.

The integration with dotloop is the first of its kind, allowing Zipi users to sync transaction and financial data between the two applications, dramatically increasing operational efficiency, reducing duplicate data entry and implementing powerful insights faster.

Many real estate businesses store transaction data, commission calculations and lead generation metrics on antiquated spreadsheets, which cannot integrate with applications like dotloop and become increasingly difficult to use when multiple users have access to it.

Data and insights are becoming more prevalent to real estate agents, teams and brokers and those who embrace and understand how to use this information effectively will reap the benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of Zipi is the ability to review every commission calculation to ensure its accuracy. Whether you’re receiving a commission check or cutting a commission check, both parties want to make sure that check is 100% correct.


In a few simple steps, you can connect your dotloop and Zipi accounts. Once you've completed the setup process, you can specify which transactions you want to sync.

Setup Process

Start your dotloop and Zipi sync

Login / Sign-Up
This link will take you to the landing page where you’ll create your Zipi account (if you don't already have one) or you can login and follow the simple instructions.


As the account owner or administrator, click on COMPANY in the left side bar, then MARKETPLACE and click ACTIVATE for dotloop integration.

Note: Only account owners or administrators with the appropriate permissions can activate an integration in the marketplace.


Click on your Profile icon in the upper-right corner and click on Apps.



Note: If you do not see the dotloop integration "CONNECT" button, it means that the integration has not been activated by your account owner. Please contact your administrator.


Click AUTHORIZE, then SIGN IN to dotloop with your credentials.


dotloop and Zipi have been authorized to connect, click CONTINUE.


Select your dotloop defaults: Profiles and Templates for Sellers and Buyers. Once you've selected your default settings, click SAVE & GO TO ZIPI.


What is dotloop?

Dotloop, the leading platform for simplifying the real estate buying and selling process, a Zillow® Group company. Dotloop replaces your form creation, e-sign, and real estate transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution, while helping you streamline your business with real-time visibility into your transactions.