Multiple Dashboards

Create multiple dashboards to separate data by team member, location or company. (Business & Enterprise Plans)


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Deal Boards

Like the dashboards, create multiple deal boards to show individual, group or company deals. (Business & Enterprise Plans)


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Commission Management

Build your commission profile with splits, royalties, caps and anniversary dates, along with tax and expense budgeting, to forecast net profit.


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Team Splits

Deal owners now have the abilty to add multiple team members with different splits to the same deal. 


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Pipeline Report

Download a detailed pipeline and commission report in .csv format to filter and sort the data how you choose.


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Business Reports

Review the data you want to see! Create high-level reports for your entire company or narrow down the focus to one indiviual team member or office.


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Permission Settings

Maintain control by allowing what your managers, administrators and team members can access in your account.


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Commission Validator™

No penny left behind! Each team member can validate every one of their commission checks to ensure its accuracy. 


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