• Tracking and reporting under one roof

    Easy to use dashboards with powerful app integrations. Track your business and generate essential reports in minutes.

Save hours on essential reporting

Zipi includes powerful integrations with other applications, including Dotloop, to streamline your reporting workflow.

Discover valuable business insights at a glance

Our customized dashboards give you clarity on what is really happening in your business. 

Make accurate commission checks easily

Commission checks are prone to human error. Stop over or underpaying both your agents and business with our commission validator tool.

The easiest way to discover insights within your business

Make Reporting Easy

Save hours on your routine reporting. Our system allows you to easily generate customized reports in seconds. Download your business metrics, pipelines and financial performance information in a range of formats including excel.

“Using Zipi allows me to spend less time on reporting and more time improving my business.” - Randy Plaice, Randy Plaice & Associates • Learn More                                                                              

The Flexible Alternative to CTE Spreadsheets

Save time on conventional spreadsheet solutions like CTE. Data entry with Zipi is fully editable, without customized additions and complicated searches. Need reports unique to your business? No problem. Our easily configurable widgets allow you to create and export custom reports, anytime of the financial year.

“I no longer have to worry about breaking my spreadsheet by adding another row or customizing a transaction. It’s hard to go wrong using Zipi.” - Lisa Archer, Live Love Homes •  ZIPI v CTE Comparison                

Clarify Business Performance

Stop fighting with complicated spreadsheets. Zipi helps you effortlessly understand your businesses performance on a function, team or agent level to keep your teams accountable and on track.


This is great! I feel it is pretty user friendly now that I know the navigation. I love that I can customize the reports to what I'm specifically looking for as well.- Sarah Rogers, Streamlined Business Solutions

Validate Commissions

Stop accidental under or over payments to agents. Our Commission Validator™ tool helps agents and business operators calculate their commissions, ensuring a fair check every time.

“I want to do what is right for my team. The Commission Validator makes sure I’m giving my agents and the business their rightful share.” - Jesse Garcia, Zipi

Goal Tracking for More Than Just Sales

Looking to track your progress towards more goals than just your sales pipeline? Zipi’s fully customizable goal tracker allows managers and brokers to set company, team and agent goals for almost any objective. If progress can be counted, it can be tracked with Zipi.

“Being able to create business and personal goals in Zipi was a game changer for me. I LOVE that I can track all my goals in one place.” - Rachel MacLachlan, Prosperity Real Estate Group

Secure Access for Team Members

Unlike a conventional spreadsheets, Zipi allows users to grant controlled access to service providers and team members. Collaborating users can view metrics, analyze data or generate reports on a function, team or agent level.


“Having tiered access allows my accountant to log in and generate the reports he needs without me. It’s amazing.” - Jeremy Mellick, Excel Real Estate Experts

Access Powerful Integrations

The best applications talk to each other to reduce manual input and streamline your reporting workflow. Zipi includes powerful integrations with leading platforms including dotloop out of the box.


This is one of the best integrations we’ve seen built with dotloop’s API and Connect Program.” - Alex Allison, Director of Business Development at dotloop

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Our Valued Integration Partners

Dotloop | ACTIVE

Dotloop, the leading platform for simplifying the real estate buying and selling process, a Zillow® Group company.

SkySlope | 2019

SkySlope streamlines the transaction process, enabling smart brokers to focus on what matters most—growing their business.

QuickBooks Online | 2019

QuickBooks makes online accounting easy. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account to keep track of your businesses finances.

"I no longer have to worry about breaking my spreadsheet by adding another row or customizing a transaction. It’s hard to go wrong using Zipi.”

Lisa Archer • Live Love Homes

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