Zipi v CTE

Looking for an alternative to CTE? Stop fighting spreadsheets. Here’s 5 ways Zipi can make your reporting workflow streamlined and effortless.

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Robust, easy and flexible

Conventional spreadsheets require a significant amount of time to learn and use. Inputting data can be delicate and adapting reporting to your particular business needs is often difficult, if not impossible. In comparison, Zipi’s dashboard and widget system is easy to use and flexible for the needs of any business, from solopreneurs to large national organizations with thousands of agents.

Stop fighting with spreadsheets and complicated work arounds. Want to add another agent? Add a new pipeline in seconds. Want to track a separate branch or team in the same place? That’s easy too, with our multiple dashboards features, you can easily track multiple business unit KPIs across your entire business in just a few clicks.

Save time with our powerful integrations

Switching between formats and applications can be time consuming and create unnecessary opportunities for frustrating errors and data corruption. With Zipi, our dashboards and automated reports integrate seamlessly with powerful applications like Dotloop, saving you hours on typical reporting processes. With your reporting integrated, you can spend less time generating essential business reports and more time focusing on your business.
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Dashboards for both agents and your business

Spreadsheet systems like CTE focus only on your agent’s and sales performance. But what about other areas of your business? Zipi allows you to track your business KPIs across the whole organization, no matter the function. Create dashboards for other essential departments in your business such as marketing and finance. If progress can be measured by KPIs, Zipi can track it for you.

Easily calculate sophisticated commissions splits

Calculating commissions is both one of the most important activities for agents and brokers, and the most prone to human error. With manual data entry on spreadsheets, properly calculating commission splits for complicated transactions can be difficult and time consuming. Our Commission Validator tool is custom designed to make calculating complex and sophisticated transactions both accurate and effortless. Save thousands on your bottom line from miscalculations and incorrect allocations for agents, taxes, brokers and business expenses.
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Secure, controlled collaboration

Worried that giving access to your spreadsheet data also means handing over sensitive business information? Are you concerned that team members may enter data incorrectly or add unnecessary additions? Unlike conventional spreadsheets, Zipi allows you full control over user access, giving you the freedom to collaborate with team members and external professionals like accountants and business coaches. Save time on entering data and distributing requested information by inviting your team members to securely access Zipi while controlling their business visibility.


How long does ZIPI take to learn?

Zipi is powerful, but simple. Zipi’s workflow and interface is visually intuitive so setting up a single agent or small team can often be completed in less than a single day. If you ever have any issues getting started, our team is here to help. Contact us anytime.

How do I switch over from CTE?

We meet you where you are, since CTE (Commitment to Excellence) is just a spreadsheet we have created an import wizard from the 2018 and 2019 CTE export format. Just open a ticket with support and we'll make sure the data you need is correctly configured in Zipi.

Does ZIPI have a free trial period?

Yes. Zipi offers a generous 30 day risk-free period, no credit card required. Try the full featured version of Zipi and talk with our friendly success team to make sure it is the right fit for your team. There are no hidden charges. If you wish to continue using Zipi, simply enter your credit card information in your account settings.

What if I change my mind?

The benefit of using the Zipi platform is that all data is easily exportable from the system. You are not locked in through tricky data entry or complicated exporting functions. While we are confident you will be more than satisfied with your choice, the Zipi is also always on hand to help you with any issues you may have.

"CTE will no longer be a thing in 2019."

Jack Crane • Zipi CTO

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